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Accessories – System free

  • Accessories for all types of scaffolding
    Accessories for all types of scaffolding
  • Scaffolding components and accessories


    • Huge range of accessories
    • High-quality scaffold components
    • Precision engineered and low maintenance fittings

  • Accessories – System free

    Layher New Zealand stocks a huge range of precisely engineered scaffolding accessories, including: beams, fittings, anchors, jacks, pallets and tools. these accessories are made using high grade materials and built to stand the test of time. Therefore little or no maintenance should be required, ultimately saving you time and money.

  • Advance Guardrail System

    Layher’s Advance Guardrail System (AGS) is a really effective way of preventing scaffolders falling during erection and dismantling of scaffolds.

    Layher AGS

  • Advance Guardrail System
    Layher Advance Guardrail System

  • Beams

    Layher supplies a range of steel and aluminium beams for a variety of applications, including bridging, strengthening, roofing and cantilever scaffolds.

    Layher Beams 450 & 750

  • Layher beams
    Layher beams 450 & 750

  • Fittings

    Layher offers an extensive range of high-quality fittings including couplers, spigots, and purpose-designed fixings for more complex jobs.

    Layher Fittings

  • fittings couplers
    Fittings and couplers

  • Castors

    Layher offers an extensive range of high-quality castors that greatly increase the mobility of your scaffolding system.

    Layher Castors

  • Layher Castors

  • Storage pallets

    Layher storage or pallet systems are specially designed to simplify the storage and transport of your chosen scaffolding system.

    Layher Storage

  • storage pallets
    Layher Storage Pallets

  • Hand tools

    Layher’s range of hand tools have been specially designed and engineered for scaffolding.

    Hand Tools

  • hand tools
    Hand Tools

  • Anchors and stabilisers

    Layher’s selection of scaffolding anchoring systems are safe, reliable and quick to install.

    Anchors and stabilisers

  • anchors
    Anchors and stabilisers

  • Ladders

    Layher’s high-quality scaffolding ladders are easy to handle and simple to fix to your scaffolding system.

    Layher Ladders

  • ladders

  • Edge protection

    Layher’s edge protection clamps prevent falls and help create a safer site when working at height.

    Layher Edge Protection

  • layher-edge-protection
    Layher Edge Protection

  • Gin wheels

    Layher’s manual transport systems conveniently hoist scaffolding components to where they’re needed.

    Gin Wheels

  • Gin wheel manual rope hoists
    Gin wheel manual rope hoists

  • Protective pieces

    Layher’s protective base plates and end caps are an important addition to minimise hazards and prevent damage to high-value floors, walls, ceilings and furnishings.

    Protective Pieces

  • layher-protective-pieces
    Protective Pieces

  • Connectors

    Layher connectors (locking pins) secure the scaffolding and rolling tower joints against up lift.


  • Locking pins nuts and bolts
    Locking pins, nuts and bolts

  • Gap solutions

    Layher supplies a range of system free gap solutions, which are ideal for bridging small gaps and improving the safety of your scaffolding.

    Layher Gap Solutions

  • Layher gap solutions
    Layher Gap Solutions

  • Base plates and U head jacks

    Layher’s selection of base jacks and u-head jacks can accommodate a wide range of requirements, while providing excellent support and stability even on inclined surfaces.

    Layher Base plates and U head jacks

  • screw jacks
    Layher Base plates and U head jacks

  • Scaffold safety tags

    Layher has partnered with Action Tags to offer scaffold safety tags. Action Tags have developed a scaffold sign system that works towards ‘eliminating, isolating and minimising’ harm to scaffold users.

    Scaffold safety tags

  • safety tags
    Scaffold safety tags

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