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Zifa Rolling Tower

  • Layher Zifa Rolling Tower
    Layher Zifa Rolling Tower
  • Zifa


    • Working platform 0.75 × 1.80m
    • Folds flat for storage, easier maneuvering indoors and transport
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble
    • Flexible work platform height (250mm rung spacing)
    • Smooth lockable castor wheels

  • Zifa Rolling Tower

    Layher’s Zifa Rolling Tower is a practically ready-made tower solution that is ideally suited to indoor (wall and ceiling) applications.

    Designed and constructed in high grade aluminium, it employs an alternating push-fit assembly technique, making it an easy process to snap-in additional guardrails and diagonal bracing.

  • Folding Zifa scaffold tower for easy transportation
    Folding Zifa scaffold tower for easy transportation

  • Designed for easy installation and transport

    The ultra-mobile yet stable design makes the Zifa Rolling Tower ideally suited to rapid, single-person installation on relatively low-height applications up to 7.76m.

    Deploying the tower couldn’t be easier – simply unfold the structure, insert the platform and begin work. When you’re finished, the tower collapses together into a flat and compact form, ready for efficient storage and transport.

    The intelligent folding design and ability to secure castors to the frame means the tower remains fully mobile in its collapsed form, meaning you can wheel it between a vehicle and the work site with ease.

  • Zifa Rolling Tower
    Zifa Rolling Tower
  • Zifa Tower with higher platform
    Zifa Tower with higher platform
  • Zifa Rolling Tower working height range from 2.86m to 7.76m
    Zifa Rolling Tower working height range from 2.36m to 7.76m

  • Strength and stability

    Once built, the Zifa Rolling Tower provides a sizeable 0.75 × 1.80m working platform, which can support live loads up to 2,000 N/m² and a total distributed load up to 240kg.

    The working platform is constructed using a aluminium frame with a plywood insert, a versatile option for most applications. A hatched deck is also available for applications that require safe internal access.

    Four high-strength castors ensure the Zifa Rolling Tower remains stable and on most support surfaces. Optional outriggers and/or castors with adjustable spindles can also be added to increase stability even further.

  • Layher Mobile Scaffold Towers comparison table

    Comparison table
    Tower model Zifa Uni Light Uni Compact Uni Standard Uni Wide
    Working platform 0.75 × 1.80m 0.75 × 1.80m 1.50 × 1.80m 0.75 × 2.85m 1.50 × 2.85m
    Working height up to 7.76m 9.26m 10.38m 13.38m 13.38m
    Scaffold height up to 6.98m 8.48m 9.61m 12.61m 12.61m
    Platform height up to 5.76m 7.26m 8.38m 11.38m 11.38m
    Weight from 42kg 52kg 94kg 82kg 112kg
    Maximum load 240kg 240kg 485kg 380kg 765kg

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