Scaffolding with More Possibilities. Lighter. Faster. Stronger. Layher.

Why choose Layher?

  • Layher Users Group Meeting 2023
    Layher User Group Meeting 2023 – Wellington, New Zealand

  • Why choose Layher scaffolding products?

    Lighter. Faster. Stronger. Layher.

    • Productivity
    • Cost of ownership
    • Pushing boundaries
    • First for service
    • Safety assured
    • Culture of quality
    • Industry leaders
    • The name you can trust

  • Layher Lightweight scaffolding increases productivity
    Layher Lightweight scaffolding increases productivity
  • Productivity

    One of the main benefits of choosing Layher systems is productivity.

    Weight saving Layher goes to considerable effort to achieve reductions in the weight of its scaffolding systems. In the case of Layher’s Allround Lightweight (steel) scaffolding system, weight savings can be greater than 40% when compared to alternative systems in the market.

    Reduced number of components Through its commitment to R&D, Layher has achieved reductions in the number of components required to assemble scaffolding structures. Examples include reductions in the number of decks, ledgers and braces.

    Manufacturing tolerances Layher products are manufactured to very tight tolerances. Consequently Layher product users do not suffer from delays associated with the poor fit of components – or components that are simply defective. Layher takes great pride in manufacturing to extremely high quality standards that are central to the group’s philosophy.

  • It’s pretty evident the productivity gains in using scaffold systems by Layher.
    Layher Lightweight is a great product. It’s certainly noticeable, the decks and ledgers are considerably lighter to carry.
    Chris Douglas, Northland Scaffolding

  • Total cost of ownership

    Layher’s pioneering spirit and precision engineering offers you world-leading quality which means you can expect a greater return on your investment.

    With Layher products you can expect a substantially longer working life and higher resale value when the time finally comes to sell your business or decommission your Layher scaffolding solution.

    Read more on total cost of ownership

  • Layher offers an excellent return on investment.

  • Layher Lightweight Scaffolding
    Layher Lightweight Scaffolding demonstrates our commitment to developing innovations
  • Pushing boundaries

    Layher sets the standard for scaffolding innovation and excellence. In an increasingly quality and cost-conscious market, our drive to develop and advance scaffolding technology ensures we offer the most competitive product and service portfolio available today.

    It’s just one of the reasons we’re the first choice for scaffolding professionals around the world. Yet we’re local too, and can bring international experience and technical expertise to bear on the unique challenges facing New Zealand building and construction professionals.

  • First for service

    Layher is more than simply a provider of world-leading scaffolding systems. True, we’re the world’s largest scaffolding manufacturer, but when you deal with Layher, you’re dealing with experienced Kiwis who know and understand your business.

    From the largest commercial development to the smallest residential renovation, we can provide a solution scaled to meet your specific requirements. Add Layher’s training, design and engineering support services, as well as the largest stock holding in the country, and you have the foundations of a partnership that goes well beyond conventional supplier relationships.

  • Layher builds partnerships with construction professionals and business owners
    Layher builds partnerships with construction professionals and business owners

  • We are reassured we made the right decision to use Layher every time I put a (consistently) last minute order through on nearly any given mid-afternoon and it near seamlessly arrives the following day without fail.

    You guys are, in my opinion, extremely great service providers.
    Josef Isaac, FallProtect

  • safest-scaffolding-components
    Layher scaffolding complies with AS/NZ 1576 standards
  • Safety assured

    All Layher scaffolding solutions meet stringent safety requirements, both internationally and here in New Zealand. Our products undergo stringent European testing regimes and fully comply with the latest health and safety requirements set out in AS/NZS 1576 series for scaffolding, and Good Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding in New Zealand.

    Layher also offers a full range of optional safety components and tools, making our scaffolding systems the safest solutions on the market.

  • It’s about the product, we have to stand behind the gear that we put out to our people and we know that we are getting stood behind from Layher.
    David Crowley, Scafit

  • Culture of quality

    At Layher, second best is not good enough – we believe in providing only the highest-quality scaffolding products and services possible. Our uncompromising commitment to excellent design, precision engineering, superior materials and state-of-the-art production processes has earned us an enviable reputation for quality and reliability.

    Choose Layher and you can rest assured you’ve chosen a solution that’s been built to last by people who truly understand scaffolding.

  • Highest-quality scaffolding products through superior materials and world leading manufacturing technology
    Highest-quality scaffolding products through superior materials and world leading manufacturing technology

  • The quality of the Layher system meant that we could build it so much quicker and it’s easier to use. It’s consistent. Other brands we’ve used or hired are not as consistent.
    Evan Wheeler, Counties Scaffolding

  • scaffolding-industry-leaders
    Layher set the standard for scaffolding in New Zealand and around the World
  • Industry leaders

    Layher sets the standard for scaffolding in New Zealand – literally. Our experts are frequently called upon to contribute to the constantly evolving Australian and New Zealand standards for scaffolding. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

    Don’t be left playing catch up with your scaffolding investment. Specify Layher to be certain you’re at the forefront of technology designed to not only meet unforeseen challenges, but comply with tomorrow’s legislative environment.

  • The name you can trust

    There’s a reason Layher is the most trusted name in scaffolding. We’ve been producing solutions for the residential, construction, infrastructure, mining, petrochemical and event industries for more than 70 years.

    That kind of longevity doesn’t happen by accident in business. With the solutions you need and the brands you can rely on, the choice is easy. Layher – it’s the only name you can trust.

  • Layher. More Possibilities. The Scaffolding System.

  • Testimonial

    “Four years ago, when I took the first steps to setting up a scaffolding company, I was in the due diligence stage and scouring the world for the right type of scaffold system (and company) to partner up with. It soon became apparent that Layher Scaffolding was the only way to go.

    Support and advice

    I don’t regret for one moment having settled on Layher, not only from the versatility of the equipment aspect, but also from the support that we received over the last four years from the New Zealand Layher team.

    Their support and advice has been integral to the significant trajectory of growth that we’ve experienced. They truly have been partners in our success.

    If you are looking for a scaffold system to move forward with, I can with confidence say to you, Layher is the best way to go.

    Don’t be enticed by the cheaper Chinese options that are available out there, as I have seen first-hand the inferior quality of these products. And when it comes to safety I believe Layher is second to none.

  • Scaffold For Less, another successful scaffolding business using Layher Scaffolding
    Scaffold For Less, another successful scaffolding business using Layher Scaffolding
  • Productivity and profitability

    You only have to build a job out of another product and then do it again using Layher scaffolding, and you will immediately see the advantages. Not only does Layher scaffolding take less time to install, your profits increase and so does the overall performance and happiness of your staff.

    If you are looking around wondering which scaffolding system/company to partner up with, then don’t waste any more time wondering… Layher is your answer!

    Selling your business

    We have recently sold our company, and I have to say that having selected Layher as our scaffolding partner, it’s made the sale of the company a lot easier than it would have been had we chosen to use cheaper Chinese systems or just simply become a standard ‘tube and clip’ type scaffold company.

    And if you don’t think this is important, try selling a scaffold company with inferior equipment. No one will touch it with a barge-pole.


    And if you are wondering if I am being paid to make this endorsement, you have my word that I’m not. I’m just passing this information on to you in the hope that my experience with Layher can make your decision so much easier.

    Plus it’s a way of showing our everlasting gratitude to Scott and his entire team at Layher New Zealand for everything they have done for us.”
    Pete Maclean, Scaffold For Less

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