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Rubbish chutes for construction waste

  • Rubbish chutes
    GEDA Original hoists and rubbish chutes
  • GEDA rubbish chutes

    GEDA’s rubbish chutes are a high-quality waste management solution.

    • Sections
    • Hoppers
    • Fixings
    • Winches

  • Chutes for maintenance and construction waste

    Due to their wear-resistant design and shock-resistant plastic construction, GEDA rubbish chutes have an extremely long working life when compared to competing construction waste chutes.

  • Construction rubbish chutes
    Remove construction waste and debris safely using GEDA Rubbish Chutes

  • GEDA Rubbish chutes are built strong and are easily installed on any scaffold. Using chute openings also allows you to access the rubbish chute from multiple levels. Sold by Layher New Zealand, we know we can trust this product when our clients are dropping material from up to 40m.
    Jarrod Radcliffe, South Pacific Scaffolding

  • High rise apartment block re-roofing using 40m of GEDA Rubbish Chutes

  • Rubbish chutes for safe transfer of construction waste removal
    Rubbish chutes for safe transfer and removal of construction waste

  • Construction waste efficiently cleared from infrastructure projects using GEDA removal system
  • Low-wear alternative

    Two models are available – standard and comfort. Each standard chute weighs 10kg, is 1.2m long and is constructed using a high-strength plastic with a 4mm wall thickness.

    Each comfort chute is constructed using the same high-strength plastic, but weighs 12kg, is only 1m long and uses a 6mm wall thickness, plus an additional 3mm layer of plastic ribbing to reduce wear even further.

  • Versatile rubbish management

    These versatile and lightweight chutes employ a double hook connector. This hook connector enables the chutes to be quickly and safely attached to scaffolds, walls, and inclined or flat roofs. An optional branch system can provide simultaneous access to the chute at several working levels.

    The GEDA rubbish chute’s flexible design and simple fixing arrangement enables you to rapidly install an effective rubbish management solution in almost any construction environment.

  • 40 metre rubbish chute securely attached to Layher scaffolding

  • Extensive range of accessories

    The GEDA rubbish chute system provides several optional accessories. These include dump hopper, chute branch and special chute liner for deflected areas. Plus a hand winch for easier installation, and a guide ring to retain the chute directly above the waste container.

    For dust sensitive applications, such as urban construction sites or projects handling hazardous materials, the GEDA waste removal system can be fitted with collars and protection hoods to prevent dust escaping to the environment.

  • Chute guide ring
    GEDA rubbish chute guide ring

  • Rubbish chutes by GEDA are designed for an extremely long working life
    GEDA products are designed for an extremely long working life

    More technical details about GEDA Rubbish Chutes and accessories – links to GEDA International website.

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