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Allround FW System

  • Layher Allround FW System
    Layher Allround FW System
  • Allround FW System


    • Limitless truss possibilities
    • Seamless integration with Allround structures
    • Wider spans and high-capacity
    • Easy to handle and build

  • Limitless truss possibilities

    Layher’s Allround FrameWork (FW) System, is an innovative truss system designed for wide-span bridging applications. Strong steel grades and unique frame design allow for a variety of applications including;

    • support beams
    • bridging structures
    • birdcage scaffolding
    • cantilever scaffolds
    • wide-span roofs up to 50m
    • wide-span working platforms up to 65m

  • Allround FW System

  • Using the Allround FW System huge roof supporting structrues can be created for wide-span roofs

  • Seamless integration with Allround and Keder structures

    The Allround FW System seamlessly integrates with the Allround Scaffolding System family of components. The system uses the same component dimensions and easy-to-use wedge head connection mechanism, so interconnecting the two systems, to make Allround support towers, façades, walkways and/or suspended platforms, is a quick and intuitive process.

    In addition, Layher’s Keder Roof parts can be combined with the Allround FW System to provide temporary roof spans considerably larger than ever before.

  • Wider spans and high-capacity

    Layher offers users ‘More Possibilities’ for bridging applications with its extensive product range. The Allround FW System was designed to achieve spans and loads greater than using Allround on its own, but by using components which are lighter, easier to handle and more flexible than the Allround Bridging System. The diagram below provides a comparison based on a Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) of 2kNm².

    Layher bridging span comparison
    Layher bridging span comparison

  • Allround FW System seamlessly integrates with the Allround Scaffolding System family of components

  • Easy to handle and build

    The Allround FW System consists of just three new components – vertical post, universal top and bottom chord. An adjustable diagonal tensioning rod is combined to create almost limitless number of truss configurations.

    With individual components weighting no more than 17.4kg the Allround FW System parts are easy to handle during assembly and dismantling.

    The system also offers multiple build methodology options, including; assembling on the ground and craning, or employing a cantilever erection sequence for safer and faster assembly.

  • Allround FW System three new components – vertical post, universal top and bottom chord
    Allround FW System components – vertical post, universal top, bottom chord and adjustable diagonal tensioning rod

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