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Scaffolding training courses using Layher scaffolding systems

  • Layher scaffolding training courses
    Layher scaffolding training courses
  • Scaffolding training courses using Layher scaffolding systems


  • Layher strives to ensure that anyone who uses Layher products is familiar with the safe and correct use.

  • Layher Allround Training Part 1

    This training course is designed to introduce scaffolders to the fundamental aspects of the Layher Allround system.

    Participants will learn about Allround components, their safety features and correct assembly techniques during both practical builds and classroom-based sessions.

    Upon completion, participants will understand how to use Layher Allround core components to safely install simple and efficient scaffolds.
    Candidates who successfully complete the course will receive 60 Certificate of Competence renewal points and a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ from Layher, together with a summary of the Learning Outcomes achieved.


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  • Sidewall Scaffolding

    Layher’s Allround training is beneficial for Layher Allround system users, regardless of their scaffolding industry experience level. The training offers practical and relevant information that helps users gain a better understanding of the system’s features and functions. By attending the course, we were able to improve our work and increase safety. The results have been impressive, and we highly recommend this training to others.
    Dimitri Belevich, General Manager, Sidewall Scaffolding

  • Peninsula Scaffolding

    The course is definitely of value for those using the Layher Allround system no matter how much experience they have in the scaffolding industry.
    The technical information that Layher provides is very useful and relevant, I found it gives you a far better understanding of how the product works and its capabilities.
    I am keen to get more of our scaffolders on the course to further educate them on building scaffolds efficiently, so reducing the amount of material needlessly used on jobs, and to also enhance their knowledge of safe working practices that are easy to adopt but can minimise risk of falls and injuries.
    Mark Longstaff, Peninsula Scaffolding