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Success Stories – Scaffolding Ideas

  • Coking Plant Refurbishment

    When Zollverein coal mine and coking plant both closed for good in the late eighties, German heavy industry – a pillar of Germany’s success as one of the world’s premier industrial powers during the post-war period, came to a standstill too… more

  • Bridge Refurbishment Scotland

    When it was built nearly 60 years ago, the suspension bridge across the Firth of Forth – an estuary on the north-western outskirts of Edinburgh, capital of Scotland – was the longest of its kind anywhere in Europe… more

  • Above Hamburgs Rooftops

    Beyond the port and the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, Hamburg has numerous other highlights in store for visitors as well as the odd curiosity. Whether or not you count Sierichstraße in the city’s… more

  • Blessed virgin Mary

    With its height of 100 m and imposing dome 33.5 m in diameter, the “Our Lady of the Assumption and Saint Adalbert” in Esztergom is one of the… more

  • A hill for London

    There are plenty of exciting sights to see in London, but with an average altitude of 15 metres above sea level the city has so far not tended to be known for its hills. That situation changed in summer 2021… more

  • A Nuremberg institution gets a new roof

    When the Westfriedhof cemetery on the western edge of Nuremberg first opened in 1880 it was the first municipal cemetery of a prospering city… more

  • Building sites, bishops and the Bamberg Rider

    Standing on the ‘Upper Bridge’ in Bamberg, looking across the river Regnitz to the old City Call, feels like a step back in time to the Middle Ages.. more

  • Saving part of Hungarian history

    The 14th district of Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is a showcase for magnificent villas and wide avenues leading directly to the City Park. One of those… more

  • Boiler maintenance with Layher Scaffolding

    The Duvha power plant is located just over 100 km west of Johannesburg, South Africa. It has a total capacity of 3.6 GW and delivers power to the city… more

  • Forest visitor centre

    At Ruhestein, a 915-metre-high pass in the Northern Black Forest National Park, a new 3,000 m² visitor centre is being built. The design for the new building… more

  • Tradition meets modern

    North West England, where Manchester can be found, is one of the United Kingdom’s strongest economic regions. Many people are familiar with the city’s… more

  • Church services continued

    The Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence is one of Italy’s most important tourist attractions. In 2018, a work and birdcage scaffolding had to be built inside… more

  • The perfect set-up for appraisal

    The Swabian town of Ehingen got a big shock in December 2018 when a large piece of plaster broke away from the ceiling fresco at St. Blasius parish… more

  • Ireland – strong beer and best milk

    People outside Ireland who hear the name of Kilkenny, at least the beer drinking community, automatically associate it with the Irish ale of the same… more

  • An impressive construction site

    A spectacular new building is currently under construction in central Berlin, less than a mile away from the Brandenburg Gate and right on top of the… more

  • The perfect solution for a lakeside project

    When the operetta ‘The White Horse Inn’ is staged on the waters of Ammersee Lake, the 350-strong audience will be seated on a new Layher grandstand with… more

  • Flexible structural protection

    The Cistercian monastery Rechentshofen is located to the south east of Hohenhaslach, a town in Germany’s Stuttgart metropolitan area. The monastery… more

  • A job for genuine scaffolding pioneers

    Marcus Nachbauer, Managing Director of Eugen Nachbauer Gerüstbau GmbH & Co. KG, received a phone call at an unusual moment – before a project… more

  • Safety, flexibility and efficiency

    The “construction professionals” at Karl Köhler GmbH deliver efficient solutions in diverse projects in civil engineering based on three generations of… more

  • No escape for noise, dust and dirt

    It’s normally pretty quiet inside this car park during the day. The shift workers park their cars here where they’ll be protected and disappear into the production… more

  • Full-blooded musicians and event specialists

    Normally you’d see hundreds of ski enthusiasts enjoying their favourite sport on the Idalp’s 240 kilometres or so of pistes in Ischgl, Tyrol. But in April 2017, the… more

  • Assembling industrial scaffolding

    Up here, you don’t notice much of the heat and noise of the scaffolded cement plant below. “At the moment I’m here at the site at least three times a week to… more

  • The right parts, at the right time

    80 m² footprint and a safe working platform at a height of almost 40 metres for refurbishing the ceiling and the hot face of a boiler in a paper mill – these were… more

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