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GEDA Hoists and rubbish chutes

  • GEDA 500 Z/ZP construction lift, Auckland, New Zealand
    GEDA 500 Z/ZP construction lift, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Hoists and rubbish chutes

    Layher New Zealand is the official supplier of GEDA Original’s range of construction hoists, personnel lifts, suspended working platforms and rubbish chutes.


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  • GEDA Original quality “Made in Germany”

    For more than eight decades GEDA hoist solutions have been winning over scaffolders and customers on construction and industrial sites around the world.

    As the leading hoist specialist, GEDA offers reliability and the latest in hoist innovations including customised solutions.

    Like Layher, GEDA Original products are made of high quality materials, designed and engineered to the highest standards, and built to last!

  • GEDA Original hoists and lifts
    GEDA Original hoists and lifts

  • Precision engineering ensures reliability
    Precision engineering ensures reliability
  • Corrosion protection

    Construction hoists are generally exposed to wind and weather all year round. Wet and cold weather, including frost, requires effective corrosion protection in order to maintain the functionality, prolong useful life and ensure your investment retains its value over time.

    Every component in a construction hoist is different and must be protected accordingly. Therefore, a wide range of state-of-the-art production techniques and coating processes depending on the particular component are be used on GEDA hoists, ensuring optimum and appropriate protection for each individual component.

  • Comprehensive range

    GEDA offers the most comprehensive product range – from 60kg rope hoists to personnel and material hoists with load capacities up to 3.2 tonne and lifting heights up to 400m – the GEDA product range could not be broader!


    All GEDA hoist solutions comply with European Machinery Directive CE 2006/42 EC and are type tested.

  • Wellington high rise building refurbishment using GEDA hoist

  • Rope hoist (up to 150kg)

    Specifically designed for the wide-ranging use of scaffolders, roofers, carpenters, decorators, etc. the GEDA rope hoist.

    GEDA Maxi 150 S

  • Rack and pinion lifts (up to 2,500kg)

    Layher’s range of materials and personnel hoists are ideal for construction applications that require safe, convenient and fast lifting of scaffolding materials.

    Rack and pinion lifts

  • Rubbish chutes

    GEDA’s rubbish chutes are constructed from a high-quality shock-resistant plastic, giving them an extremely long life when compared to competing construction waste chutes. These versatile and lightweight chutes can be connected to scaffolds, walls, and inclined or flat roofs, and an optional branch system can provide access to the chute from several levels.

    Rubbish chutes

  • geda-rubbish-chutes
    GEDA rubbish chutes

  • Solar panel lift (up to 200kg)

    The GEDA Solarlift is designed to safely transport solar panels from the ground on to roofs.

    GEDA Solarlift

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