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Allround Aluminium

  • Layher Allround Aluminium Scaffolding
    Layher Allround Aluminium Scaffolding
  • Allround Aluminium


    • Ultra light
    • Special applications
    • Compatible

  • Ultra light and special applications

    Layher’s Allround Aluminium is an ultra light variant of the Allround Scaffolding System.

    Invented by Layher in 1978, Allround Aluminium is ideally suited to light-duty applications where weight, handling or steel material would be problematic such as:

    • weak foundations/support structures
    • suspended scaffolds
    • ergonomic challenges e.g. confined spaces
    • superfast builds e.g. trade fairs
    • nuclear power plants

  • Compatible

    And of course, Allround Aluminium is fully compatible with steel components from the Allround K2000+ and Allround Lightweight variants.

    Allround Aluminium is also ideally suited to special applications. The considerably lower material weight makes it much easier and less fatiguing to deploy an Allround Aluminium solution than a traditional steel scaffolding system, leading to more efficient component handling, faster assembly and disassembly, and greatly reduced physical strain on scaffolders.

    This makes the system ideal for projects with difficult entry, such as underground sites with manhole access, projects with strict environmental control, such as food manufacturing applications, and for time-critical applications, such as the shutdown of nuclear power-generation facilities.

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