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Layher SpeedyScaf Scaffolding System

  • SpeedyScaf


    • Recognised leader of frame based systems
    • Fast and strong
    • Simple
    • Cost-effective scaffolding
    • Adapts to your needs

  • Recognised leader frame based systems

    Since its launch in 1965, SpeedyScaf has become the recognised leader amongst frame based systems.

    SpeedyScaf is available in two compatible variants – hot-dipped galvanised steel and aluminium.

    Ergonomically designed for efficient and comfortable handling, the SpeedyScaf Scaffolding System enables you to create a range of façade type structures using just six basic elements – base plates, assembly frames, decks, guardrails, diagonal braces and toe boards.

  • Layher SpeedyScaf frame based scaffolding system
    Layher SpeedyScaf frame based scaffolding system

  • Fast and strong

    The system’s low weight, reduced number of components and self guiding connection technology makes SpeedyScaf unbeatably fast to deploy, and you can typically assemble and disassemble a SpeedyScaf Scaffolding System in half the time of some modular scaffold systems, and a quarter of the time of a traditional tube & fitting scaffold.

    The result is an extremely reliable and easy-to-use scaffolding system that saves your business time and money.

  • Commercial building with SpeedyScaf Scaffolding
    Commercial building with SpeedyScaf Scaffolding

  • Simple

    SpeedyScaf’s true advantage lies in its rapid and easy-to-understand, bolt-free assembly technology.

    The SpeedyScaf Scaffolding System employs an innovative, self-guiding connection mechanism, which enables diagonal braces, guardrails and other components to connect to the frame’s corner plates and guardrail housing from a distance. The upper frame crosspieces also use a channel-section (U-transom) design, allowing the decks to easily slide into place during assembly.

    The technology is one reason the SpeedyScaf Scaffolding System is one of the safest and easiest scaffolding systems on the market today.

  • Residential scaffolding using Layher SpeedyScaf
    Residential scaffolding using Layher SpeedyScaf

  • Cost-effective scaffolding

    Layher’s SpeedyScaf Scaffolding System is lighter and faster than modular type scaffold systems and offers users an opportunity to make considerable savings on labour and initial scaffold investment.

    The system’s simplicity makes it extremely capable and well-suited to a variety of applications including: façades, birdcages and tanks.

    Consisting of six basic elements, SpeedyScaf can be erected in lightning speed, creating a stable platform for all kinds of work.

  • Commercial façade using Layher SpeedyScaf Scaffolding
    Commercial façade using Layher SpeedyScaf Scaffolding

  • Adapts to your needs

    With a comprehensive component catalogue and ability to integrate with Layher’s other scaffolding systems, the SpeedyScaf Scaffolding System provides you with an extremely capable and versatile scaffolding solution.

    The system also offers a wide range of expansion parts, designed with a multitude of building geometries in mind. This greatly extends the system’s adaptability, with little additional assembly effort, making it ideal for façade repair and restoration applications.

  • SpeedyScaf façade used on a large building construction site
    SpeedyScaf façade used on a large building construction site

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