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GEDA Solarlift

  • GEDA Solarlift
    GEDA Solarlift
  • GEDA Solarlift

    Transport solar panels from ground to roof safely.

    • Ideal for transport of solar panels
    • Loads up to 200 kg
    • Lifting height 19 m
    • Lifting speeds up to 38 m/min

  • Easy, fast and safe

    The GEDA Solarlift, has been designed for the easy, fast and above all, the safe transport of photovoltaic (PV) and solar elements. This can be realised because of its specially designed loading platform.

    The load bearing capacity depends on the size of the ladder segments being used, their inclination, as well as their total length. Maximum load bearing capacity is up to 200kg.

  • Solar panels safely transported to roof

  • GEDA Fixlift, Solarlift and Slopelift

  • Special concept: The Solar loading platform

    The GEDA Solarlift is specially designed for work with sensitive materials and offers a special solar prism for safe transport of the expensive modules. This is equipped with a specially developed plastic support and offers an extra fixing option that can be adjusted as required. The second transport variant is the sheet carrier (for panels), which can be adjusted from 0.5 to 1.6 m depending on the width of the panels to be moved.
    In addition, GEDA offers additional accessories, which can be used to further simplify assembly work on the roof. For example, work can be carried out under the track by means of the variably adjustable roof support bracket.

    GEDA Solarlift – a tool with many advantages

    In summary, the GEDA Solarlift offers numerous advantages: it is inexpensive to purchase, space-saving in storage, easy to transport and simple to set-up, which is why it can be used easily in difficult-to-reach locations. This makes the GEDA Solarlift a cost-effective and reliable device for safely transporting sensitive photovoltaic systems to their destination.

  • Solar panel installation made easy with GEDA Solarlift
    Solar panel installation made easy with GEDA Solarlift

  • GEDA Solarlift data

    Comparison table
    Cargo Material
    Capacity (up to) 200 kg
    Lifting height 19 m
    Lifting speed 19 m/min
    or 38 m/min
    Power supply 0.6 kW / 1.2 kW / 230 V / 50 Hz / 16 A

    More technical details about the GEDA Solarlift – links to GEDA International website.

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