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Mobile Scaffold Towers

Layher Rolling Tower Mobile Scaffold assembly

  • Mobile Scaffold Towers


    • German made, built to last!
    • Unbeatably fast, easy to handle and transport
    • Stability and safety at height
    • Extreme range, heights up to 13.6 metres, loadings up to 200kg/m²

  • Reach new heights with mobile towers

    Layher rolling towers offer unbeatable solutions for working at height.

    Designed and manufactured in Germany to exacting standards, Layher offers an extensive range of highly configurable aluminium rolling towers that are ideally suited to New Zealand’s most demanding project requirements.

    When it comes to a rolling tower, there are only a handful of features that really count. With Layher, no matter which solution you select, you’re guaranteed a robust design, quality construction, and, above all else, safe, simple and convenient operation.

  • We definitely noticed the difference in quality.
    Layher mobile towers are much more sturdy than other products we have used.
    Our guys only use the Layher mobile towers now.
    Neil Lunt, Euro Scaffold Solutions Limited

  • Lightweight and easy to assemble

    With solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications, each of our rolling towers is manufactured using high grade aluminium. They’re lightweight, easy to assemble and reposition, and provide unparalleled freedom of movement to get the job done.

    In other words, it’s a solution that works for you, not a against you. Anyone who routinely works at height knows the value this adds to your well-being, productivity and profitability.

  • Mobile scaffold ladder frame doubles as ladder access
    Ladder frame doubles as ladder access
  • Ladder frames

    The ladder frame doubles as the scaffolding frame and as ladder access, eliminating the need to carry extra ladders (of varying lengths) and reducing the build time. The 250mm rung spacing also offers advantages in terms of positioning of the working platform.

    The grooves of the rungs ensure maximum slip prevention and secure grip for vertical access.

    Ladder frames are available in heights of 1m and 2m, and in widths of 0.75m and 1.5m.

    Long and conical spigots ensure a secure and easy-action connection of the ladder frames to one another.

  • Waikato Scaffolders Limited use Layher Aluminium Mobiles as we find them the best on the market. Being able to use the frames to climb makes it very easy for the customer to adjust his working platform height without the hassle of ladders being too long or too short. Built tough means they will last with your everyday tradesman.
    Jared Wade, Waikato Scaffolders Limited

  • Castor wheels for mobiles scaffolds

    Sturdy wheels for high manoeuvrability and a stable platform during work. Various wheel coatings permit use even on sensitive floor surfaces.

    The adjustable steel spindle (0.3m – 0.6m) ensures easy and precise leveling of the working platform while transmitting the loads centrally into the locked wheel.

    This improves the stability, enabling the user to work safely. Castors can also be secured to the frame for easier transportation.

  • Hard-wearing Wheels for mobile scaffold towers
    Hard-wearing wheels for mobile towers

  • Claw fingers for guardrails and diagonal braces on mobile scaffolds
    Claw connector for guardrails and diagonal braces
  • Guardrails and diagonal braces with snap-on claws

    Unbeatably fast connection without using tools.

    A slight pressure, and the claw snaps into place by itself. Various colours of the claw fingers for guardrails and diagonal braces help to tell the components apart – that saves time.

  • Decks and toe boards

    Sturdy decks made from aluminium frames with plywood insert and snap-on claws ensure easy handling.

    They have a non-slip surface for a firmer and safer footing even in wet weather.

    The differently shaped snap-on claws permit easy one-man assembly and at the same time provide lift-off prevention.

    Self supporting toe boards provide protection from falling material or tools and ensure a maximum working surface.

    Note: Layher recommends installing decks at 2m intervals for safe erection, dismantle and access. This also eliminates the need for plan braces.

  • mobile scaffold snap-on claw deck
    Snap-on claws for easy deck handling

    Sturdy decks and toe boards for safety and protection on mobile scaffolds
    Sturdy decks and toe boards for edge protection

  • Mobile scaffold stabilisers for extra safety
    Stabilisers for extra safety
  • Stability

    The stability of the rolling tower must be assured for every phase of its assembly, use and dismantle. Depending on the assembly height and whether the tower is assembled outdoors or in a closed room, one or more of the following measures must be taken:

    • installation of mobile beam (or base frame)
    • use of stabilisers (or rakers)
    • ballasting.

  • Suspended ladder access

    Layher’s universal Rolling Tower solutions come with the option of a convenient suspended ladder system, which features wide steps for additional safety and comfort.

  • Suspended ladder access on mobile scaffolds
    Suspended ladder access

  • Layher's uni assembly hooks for mobile scaffolds
    Layher’s uni assembly hooks
  • More safety

    With platforms assembled at a 2 metre spacing guardrails can be fitted from the level below by using Layher’s Uni assembly hooks.

    Mobile scaffold tower safe uni hook
    Uni hook for safe scaffold tower assembly

  • Uni assembly hooks step-by-step

    Uni assembly hooks step-by-step guide
    Uni assembly hooks step-by-step guide

  • Mobile Scaffold Tower range

  • Layher Mobile Scaffold models
    Layher Mobile Scaffold models

  • Layher Mobile Scaffold Towers comparison table

    Comparison table
    Tower model Zifa Uni Light Uni Compact Uni Standard Uni Wide
    Working platform 0.75 × 1.80m 0.75 × 1.80m 1.50 × 1.80m 0.75 × 2.85m 1.50 × 2.85m
    Working height up to 7.76m 9.26m 10.38m 13.38m 13.38m
    Scaffold height up to 6.98m 8.48m 9.61m 12.61m 12.61m
    Platform height up to 5.76m 7.26m 8.38m 11.38m 11.38m
    Weight from 42kg 52kg 94kg 82kg 112kg
    Maximum load 240kg 240kg 485kg 380kg 765kg
    working height diagram

  • Zifa

    Layher’s Zifa Rolling Tower requires minimal assembly – simply unfold the structure, insert the deck and begin work. The ultra-mobile yet stable design makes it ideally suited to low-height and indoor applications.

    Zifa Rolling Tower

  • Layher Zifa Rolling Tower
    Layher Zifa Rolling Tower

  • Uni Light

    Layher’s Uni Light Rolling Tower is a compact and lightweight universal tower ideally suited to applications where ladders may have been previously used. The tower provides a comfortable and safe work platform that allows unimpeded movement, even when carrying tools and materials. Its low weight makes it particularly easy to transport.

    Uni Light Rolling Tower

  • Layher Uni Light Rolling Tower
    Layher Uni Light Rolling Tower

  • Uni Compact

    Layher’s Uni Compact Rolling Tower is a compact universal tower solution with a double-width working area. This, our most popular tower, lends itself to construction applications with limited space and manoeuvrability.

    Uni Compact Rolling Tower

  • Layher Uni Compact Rolling Tower
    Layher Uni Compact Rolling Tower

  • Uni Standard

    Layher’s Uni Standard Rolling Tower offers a longer working platform and better access to the working face. Ideally suited for work on machinery, in factories or warehouses, indoors and outdoors.

    Uni Standard Rolling Tower

  • Layher Uni Standard Rolling Tower
    Layher Uni Standard Rolling Tower

  • Uni Wide

    Layher’s Uni Wide Rolling Tower is a wide-base universal tower with a double-width working area, offering even more freedom of movement on the working platform. Ideally suited to applications that require a sturdy work surface capable of high loads, bulky materials and/or two workers.

    Uni Wide Rolling Tower

  • Layher Uni Wide Rolling Tower
    Layher Uni Wide Rolling Tower

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