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Mobile Roof System

  • Layher Mobile Roof System
    Layher Mobile Roof System
  • Mobile Roof System


    • Save material and time
    • A truly mobile solution
    • Safer installation
    • Immediate response
    • Ideal for progressive projects

  • Save material and time

    Layher’s Mobile Roof System is the ultimate in lightweight and portable weather protection. The system enables you to reposition the entire protection canopy or split into sections with ease. It also offers significant savings in build time and labour and is ideal for a wide variety of construction applications.

  • Keder Roof built without a crane

  • A truly mobile solution

    The Mobile Roof System offers you a unique advantage – truly free-moving weather protection.

    Designed from the ground up with mobility in mind, a new innovative transport mechanism is central to this design.

    The mechanism mounts the roof system on purpose-built nylon runners, which fit on steel guide rails fixed to the supporting scaffolding system. The mechanism holds the runners captive against the guide rails, allowing smooth and low-friction lateral motion.

  • Safer installation

    Inherent to the design of Layher’s Mobile Roof System is that it helps reduce the amount of building and alterations required on temporary roofs, and consequently the risk of falls.

    Better yet installers have the opportunity to build roof structures safely on a working platform with edge protection by building a birdcage at one gable end and pushing the roof out one bay at a time.

  • Deliver materials quickly and efficiently
    Deliver materials quickly and efficiently

  • Immediate response

    Once assembled, the Layher Mobile Roof System enables you to reposition the entire canopy quickly, conveniently and with minimal effort. For projects that require opening of the roof, the mobile system can be configured so sections of the canopy structure open independently, allowing temporarily access for cranes, lifts and hoists.

    When combined with the Mobile Roof System’s lightweight, modular construction, the result is a truly mobile weather protection system that immediately responds to your changing project requirements, saving you time and money.

  • Entire canopy repositioned quickly
    Entire canopy repositioned quickly

  • Ideal for progressive projects

    The Mobile Roof System is fully compatible with both the Allround and SpeedyScaf Scaffolding Systems, making it a natural extension to your existing scaffolding system.

    The mobile system’s low weight and effortless repositioning features make it the stand out choice for construction applications that involve progressive work such as re-roofing projects.

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