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About Layher

  • About Layher


    • Layher in New Zealand
    • Partners in success
    • First for safety
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  • Layher in New Zealand

    Layher New Zealand stocks a huge range of scaffolding systems and accessories, and employs a team of experienced professionals who understand your business and have the know-how to provide you with comprehensive local support.

    Whether you’re looking for design support, advice for an upcoming project or you need reliable equipment supply, our fully stocked Auckland and Wellington service centres can help you fulfill any project big or small, simple or complex, even on the tightest deadline.

  • Layher's Auckland yard stocks a huge range of scaffolding systems and accessories
    Layher’s Auckland yard stocks a huge range of scaffolding systems and accessories

  • Partners in success

    As the world’s largest scaffolding manufacturer, Layher is the leading supplier of high-quality scaffolding solutions in New Zealand. We do it so well, in fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that’s all we do. That’s part of it, but there is so much more.

    At Layher, we prefer to think of ourselves as your scaffolding partner. No matter how small or large your project, when you choose Layher, you’re tapping into the most advanced scaffolding design and engineering resource in the world. With best-in-class engineering advice, design services and delivery capability, you have access to the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure you need to make your project a success, right when you need it most.

  • We had looked at other freestanding systems such as ring lock, tube and clip, and obviously the Layher System, which looked attractive to us. As a business model, it’s not just about the equipment, it’s more than the equipment, it’s the support, I mean it goes right back to Germany, it’s starts there.
    John Heskett, Ultimate Protection

  • Layher's fully stocked Wellington yard
    Layher’s fully stocked Wellington yard

  • First for safety

    Our commitment to safety starts with manufacturing processes and runs through every project to compliance with appropriate standards. Layher’s focus on safety includes:

    • Safety support that evolves in line with new regulations, equipment and project requirements.
    • Full involvement in the Australian/New Zealand Standards and WorkSafe NZ scaffolding working groups.
    • Optimised manufacturing methods – from material specification to continually scrutinised fabrication methods.
    • Independent certification including EN 29001, DIN ISO 9001, CEN HD GAP 1000, and TUV CERT.
    • Full stamping and date coding for effective traceability.
    • Parts that incorporate in-built, safe connection mechanisms.
    • Designs that minimise the number of components needed on site.
    • Lightweight design to simplify materials handling and erection.
    • Choice of purpose-designed components to optimise performance.
    • Guidance on installation to optimise safe erection procedures.
    • Work with many of the country’s leading scaffolding contractors who use Layher equipment.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate
    ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate

  • Innovative Layher Scaffolding manufacturing
    Innovative Layher Scaffolding manufacturing

  • Layher provide great service and back up, and our staff like working with the best products available. This is where Layher comes into its own. We are passionate about scaffolding, offering the best service and having the best gear, which is appreciated by our clients.
    Glen Brazier, General Manager Brazier Group