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Technical design support

  • Layher technical design support
    Layher technical design support

  • Technical design support


    • Local design services
    • Engineering support
    • International expertise and customised solutions

  • We use the designers at Layher a lot and I find that the guys are really not just thinking about things engineering wise they are also thinking about the most practical ways to build a scaffold.

    They are thinking about how it helps us as well not just covering things from their perspective. Their service is second to none.
    Tim Geeves, Geeves Scaffolding

  • Local design services

    Our dedicated team of Wellington and Auckland-based design specialists has extensive experience in scaffolding design and calculation, project planning and logistics, and relevant Australian New Zealand standards. The team has successfully delivered solutions for a broad range of applications including residential, commercial, energy, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure and events.

    In short, we understand scaffolding, and our team is immediately available to assist with your latest scaffolding project. Simply provide us with a plan or description of your scaffolding project and we will help you determine the best possible solutions, minimising material requirements and maximising your return on investment.

    • Preliminary 2D plans and elevations
    • Accurate gear lists
    • 3D pdf models
    • Technical assistance and load capacity checks
    • Advice on improving efficiency of material for layouts

  • Review 3D scaffolding drawings on mobile devices
    Review 3D scaffolding drawings on mobile devices

  • As always the level of support we get from you and the Layher team is amazing. I have submitted our proposal with your design and I am positive it will help us stand out from the ever growing crowd!
    Chris Gillon, Geeves Scaffolding

  • LayPLAN by Layher — scaffold design and planning software

  • Residential scaffold design - 3D rendering
    Residential scaffold design – 3D rendering

  • The Layher team… absolutely brilliant. Good guys. Very professional. Very helpful and we do get caught on jobs where we need assistance technically on how we are going to go about it. Talking to those guys… they’ll help us out and point us in the right direction.
    Geoff Hines, Central Scaffold

  • Engineering support

    Our engineers are ready to help you identify, analyse and resolve any challenge you may face, small or big.

    For complex projects that require specialist engineering support or a more sophisticated build methodology, our team of experienced engineers can provide knowledgeable, skilled assistance to ensure your project proceeds in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

  • Allround façade scaffold design - 3D rendering
    Allround façade scaffold design – 3D rendering

  • Layhers team offers amazing customer service, always happy to help when you need anything be it a single component to a bulk order. The design team as well go above and beyond to come up with a solution that works for any project, providing 3D models of the scaffold for our clients to visualise before even starting the project.
    Kurt Simpson, NZ Scaffolding Group

  • International expertise and customised solutions

    For projects that require a truly unique solution, Layher can draw on local and international engineering expertise to design and manufacture a bespoke scaffolding solution capable of overcoming even the most extraordinary scaffolding and construction challenges.

  • Residential keder Roof scaffold design – 3D rendering

  • Layher’s design team has provided our company with solutions which were instrumental in us gaining work. There is a lot more emphasis on engineered designs in the New Zealand scaffolding industry today, it’ll only become more so in the future. So establishing your professionalism by being able to utilise the design service is incredibly valuable.
    Chris Douglas, Northland Scaffolding

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