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LayPLAN scaffold design software

  • LayPLAN scaffold design software


    • Scaffold design and planning software
    • Capable yet simple
    • AutoCAD compatible
    • Competitive advantage

  • Scaffold design and planning software

    Layher’s LayPLAN design and planning software provides a significant advantage to designers, scaffolders and tradespeople looking for a quick and efficient way to deliver their scaffolding quotes and projects.

    Specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the New Zealand building and construction industry, the software provides you with a graphical interface that you can use to easily plan your scaffolding, stair or roof solution. It is also designed to assist your business in maximising the utilisation of your existing product, and with streamlining logistical and building processes.

  • LayPLAN is a very useful tool for producing designs, accurate gear lists and helps us to utilise the gear that we have in the yard at any point in time. The engineers at Layher showed me how simple it was to use and how much time I could save, now I use it every week.
    Max Gibbins, Commercial Manager, Geeves Scaffolding Limited

  • Capable yet simple

    With the LayPLAN modules for SpeedyScaf (frame), Allround (modular), Keder (roof) and rolling towers (mobile scaffolds), you can quickly design a broad range of Layher solutions including:

    • façades
    • circular scaffolds
    • stair towers
    • birdcages
    • temporary roofs
    • mobile towers

    Simply enter the dimensions and the scaffolding parts you have available, and LayPLAN instantly provides you with a detailed preliminary scaffolding design, including anchoring, bracing and side protection options.

  • Layher LayPLAN scaffold design software
    Layher LayPLAN scaffold planning and design software

  • LayPLAN is AutoCAD compatible

    LayPLAN files are fully compatible with AutoDesk’s range of design tools. This enables designers to export to AutoCAD, or their chosen design software, and configure their scaffolding solution even further using a 2D or 3D environment.

    Layher offers an extensive library of scaffolding components and assemblies in AutoCAD for more accurate design work and collision checking. The designer can preview, manipulate and update each component to suit their specific project requirements.

    When they’re complete, you can publish the design in a variety of formats, including 2D and 3D PDF, DXF and DWG viewer formats, printed hard-copies, and even transfer to professional presentation and animation software.

  • Layplan is easy to use. I use it regularly to work out gear requirements from house plans. Layplan enables me to load my own gear so the gear list is created from my available gear and I can make easy adjustments to deck configurations etc. The more I use it the quicker I can turn around plans for quotes.
    James Finlay, Edgestop

  • LayPLAN offers you a competitive advantage

    Time and material handling are crucial factors in profitable scaffolding construction. Whether you’re tackling a large commercial development or a residential renovation, LayPLAN provides solutions to make your planning and design job easier. Benefits of using LayPLAN:

    • scoping
    • pricing project
    • maximise utilisation of available parts
    • provides gear lists and weights for loading trucks
    • determining dead loads
    • and provides basic plan for your scaffold build.


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