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Scaffolding for sale. Layher. The Scaffolding System.

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  • Scaffolding for sale. Layher. The Scaffolding System.

    Scaffolding for sale. Layher sell scaffolding, scaffold accessories and access equipment. Additionally, we sell personal protection equipment (PPE) including harnesses, lanyards and tool tethers. Layher sells scaffolding to New Zealand’s leading scaffold hire companies and the trades. Invest in the world’s best scaffolding system.

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Layher scaffolding total cost of ownership

Total cost of ownership

  • Investing in Layher’s world-leading quality products means you can expect greater return on investment, and with faster assembly and disassembly, and greater transport and on-site efficiency, you certainly won’t be disappointed. It’s the kind of competitive edge that businesses dream about.

  • COST

Layher are brilliant, fast and very efficient!
We use Layher because it’s the best product on the market.
Jamie Soper, Golden Bay Scaffold


Layher is the world’s leading manufacturer of scaffolding and temporary works solutions. We supply equipment to the residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure and event industries.

  • Layher the innovator

    Firstly, Layher goes to considerable effort to develop products which are lighter, faster and stronger. Ultimately this saves your business time and money. Likewise, Layher sets the standard for innovation and excellence.

    In an increasingly quality and cost-conscious market, we strive to develop and advance scaffolding technology. This ensures we offer the most competitive product and service portfolio available today.

    Quality and safety assured

    Layher products are made in Germany by Layher. With Layher products you can expect a substantially longer working life and higher resale value. So, when the time finally comes to sell your business, you get a better return on your investment.

    Layher also offers a full range of optional safety components and tools, making our systems the safest solutions on the market today.

  • Layher invented the original Allround rosette (or ring) scaffolding system in 1974
    Layher invented the original Allround rosette (or ring) scaffolding system in 1974

  • New Zealands most successful scaffolding companies use Layher
    New Zealand’s most successful scaffolding companies use Layher

    First for service

    In addition, Layher is more than simply a provider of world-leading scaffolding systems. When you deal with Layher, you’re dealing with experienced Kiwis who know and understand your business. From the largest commercial development to the smallest residential renovation. We can provide a solution scaled to meet your specific requirements. Add Layher’s training, design and engineering support services, as well as the largest stock holding in New Zealand, and you have the foundations of a partnership that goes well beyond conventional supplier relationships.


  • We use Layher Scaffolding for its speed, safety and quality assurance. We also incorporate Layher’s Layplan design programme to enable better planning and efficiency for projects of this size.
    Kurt Simpson, WorkZone Scaffolds

  • Scaffolding Systems for sale

    With a diverse range of scaffolding solutions to suit every requirement, from the simplest residential build to the most challenging infrastructure or industrial project, you’ll find the right scaffolding solution at Layher.

    Our scaffolding systems range:

    Not sure which is right for your next project? Contact us and we’ll guide you through the decision-making process.


  • Sectors using Layher Scaffolding

    Our range of scaffolding systems is used by a wide variety of New Zealand’s sectors. These sectors include:

    • Residential house building and construction scaffolding
    • Commercial scaffolding jobs
    • Industrial applications and maintenance shutdown
    • Infrastructure projects such as bridges and tunnels
    • Events for temporary grandstands, staging and seating
    • Temporary Works solutions for engineering

  • Layher TwixBeam Scaffolding

    The high-strength, multipurpose aluminium TwixBeam from Layher – consisting of two bolted aluminium U-sections with a height of 200mm – has a wide range of possible uses, for wide-span work platforms, support beams, suspended scaffolding or projecting structures.

    Layher TwixBeam

  • Scaffolding accessories sales

    To accompany our scaffolding systems, Layher sells scaffolding accessories. Our accessories give you more options, more flexibility and more possibilities. We stock Layher aluminium beams, fittings and couplers, ladders, edge protection, storage pallets, hand tools, rubbish chutes, hoists and lots more.


  • Brochures and catalogues

    In addition to high quality products, Layher designs and publishes an extensive range of scaffolding brochures and parts catalogues. Furthermore, Layher produces in-depth users guides, along with detailed assembly and instruction manuals. Contact our sales team for your brochures and catalogues.


  • Local design services

    Our dedicated team of Wellington and Auckland-based design specialists has extensive experience in scaffolding design and calculation, project planning and logistics, and relevant Australian New Zealand standards. The team has successfully delivered solutions for a broad range of applications.


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