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Hand tools

  • Scaffolding hand tools - hammers, ratchets and levels
    Scaffolding hand tools – hammers, ratchets and levels
  • Hand tools

    Layher offers a range of hand tools that have been specially designed and engineered for use with scaffolding systems.


    • Scaffold hammers
    • Ratchet spanners
    • Scaffold levels

  • Scaffold hammers

    Given the repetitive nature of scaffold hammer use and associated hazards, Layher has partnered with leading tool manufacturer Picard. Key features include:

    • strengthened shaft
    • patented head and shaft joint
    • special grip with vibration dampening.

  • Scabbling pick hammer hand tool
    Scabbling pick hammer

  • Ratchets

    Layher offers two ratchet spanners, one with reinforced head for light hammering application, the second without reinforced head also accommodates both 19mm or 22mm nuts.

  • Ratchet

  • Scaffold spirit level

    Layher has partnered with leading hand tool manufacturer Sola to supply a 254mm cast aluminium magnetic torpedo level. It is engineered for heavy-duty use and made to the most exacting European specifications. Designed to withstand rugged daily use and temperature changes. Indicators show horizontal, vertical and 45 degrees levels.

  • Layher magnetic spirit level
    Layher magnetic spirit level
  • Magnetic spirit level

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