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Anchors and stabilisers

  • Telescopic scaffolding stabilisers, ring bolt anchors and pins
  • Anchors and stabilisers

    Layher’s selection of ring bolts for anchoring and stabilisers are safe, reliable and quick to install.


    • Ring bolts
    • Fast to install
    • High load bearing
    • Telescopic stabilisers or rakers

  • Ring bolts

    Anchoring devices such as ring bolts are extremely critical to the integrity of a scaffold, that’s why Layher has partnered with a leading fixing manufacturer Fisher to supply its ring bolts.

    Fast to install and rated to extremely high loads. Ensure your scaffolders are safe and your clients are protected from harm.

    Ring bolts are made of galvanised steel, diameter 12mm and available in lengths of 95mm to 350mm.

  • Scaffold ring bolt anchor
    Scaffold ring bolt anchor

    Plastic wall insert
    Plastic wall insert (expanding anchor)

  • Scaffold safely secured using ring bolt anchor
    Scaffold safely secured using ring bolt anchor

  • Telescopic stabilisers or rakers

    For low scaffold structures telescopic stabilisers can be used instead of wall ties to provide stability and free access to the working face. Layher’s adjustable raker tube is easy to install and a quicker alternative to tube and coupler. It also has the added benefit of being able to pin the base plate to the ground.

  • Layher scaffolding stabilisers (rakers)
  • Stabiliser anchor pins

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