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Storage pallets

  • Scaffolding storage pallets and stillages
    Scaffolding storage pallets (stillages)
  • Storage pallets

    Layher storage systems are specially designed to simplify the storage and transport of your chosen scaffolding system.


    • Tube pallets
    • Cages
    • Strong and built to last
    • Craneable

  • Tube pallets

    Layher’s tube pallet is an opened-sided pallet that is specifically designed to transport tubes, standards, guardrails, diagonal braces and toe boards. The pallets are designed to fit efficiently on trucks and vertical tube posts can be removed for more convenient stacking and unstacking of parts. This can be a real advantage when loading and unloading trucks manually.

    Constructed using hot-dip galvanised steel, Layher tube pallets are available in square and rectangular configurations, and a range of size options.

  • Scaffolding tube pallet
    Scaffolding tube pallet

  • Storage pallet collapsible and stackable
    Storage pallet collapsible and stackable
  • Storage pallet assembled ready transport
    Storage pallet assembled ready transport

  • Cages

    Layher’s cages are built for the rigours of scaffold transport and ideal for storing and transporting smaller components such as couplers and jacks. The integrated crane eyelets and higher mounted cross struts make Layher cages an excellent choice for loading and unloading using a standard fork-lift, hiab truck or crane.

  • Modular skeleton box with timber base plate
  • Special modular box

  • Layher Storage Pallets (Stillage) are designed for all types of scaffolding

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