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Base plates and U head jacks

  • Scaffolding Base plates and U head jacks
    Scaffolding Base plates and U head jacks

  • Base plates and U head jacks

    Layher’s selection of base plates and U head jacks can accommodate a wide range of heights, while providing excellent support and stability, even on inclined sites.


    • Wide range of adjustable base plates and U-head jacks
    • High-load bearing capacity
    • Robust and self-cleaning rolled thread

  • Adjustable base plates

    Layher’s range of height-adjustable base plates feature a high-capacity and extremely durable rolled spindle thread, an innovative self-cleaning mechanism. Three spindle designs are available – normal, reinforced and solid. The spindle design also features a series of notch markings to protect against winding the spindle too high.

    The adjustable base plates are available in heights up to 130cm and load capacities ranging from 36–106kN, depending on your application. All base plates have a footprint of 150 × 150mm.

    Adjustable base plates in heights up to 130cm
  • Base plate 150, spindle travel 82cm

  • U-head jacks

    Layher’s range of U-head jacks are suited to applications where you require a sturdy support, usually propping or shoring, that can be adjusted to different heights. The jacks are available in heights ranging from 45–60cm and U-head sizes from 16–18cm wide.

    An swivelling head variant of the U-head jack can accommodate supports at an incline up to 5% from horizontal in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, eliminating the need to level the jack with a wedge.

    U head jacks range
    U head jacks range

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