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Scaffold ladders

  • Layher scaffolding ladders
    Layher scaffolding ladders
  • Scaffold ladders

    Layher’s high-quality scaffolding ladders are an ideal solution for low level scaffolds and a small number of users.


    • High quality
    • Cost effective
    • Easy to secure
    • Aluminium and steel versions
    • Complies with Australian and New Zealand Standards

  • Scaffold ladders

    Layher’s ladders are available in several lengths:

    • 2.9m (10 rungs)
    • 4.0m (14 rungs)
    • 4.9m (17 rungs)
    • 5.7m (20 rungs)

    Constructed from high quality materials including hot-dip galvanised steel and aluminium. Layher’s ladders are well suited to withstand the rigours of New Zealand building sites.

    Other benefits:

    • 48.3mm tube side rails allow easier fixing using regular scaffold couplers
    • Side rail spigots enable ladder sections to be joined together

  • Layher scaffold ladders
    Layher scaffold ladders

  • Storey ladder

    A 7 rung storey ladder (steel) is also available to provide flexible internal access to scaffolds with working platforms up to 2m high.

    This product is often used in conjunction with hatch or access deck components.

    Note: for this solution suitable guardrail/rung hand holds must be available extending 1m above the hatch or access deck.

  • Layher storey ladder 7 rungs
    Layher storey ladder 7 rungs

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