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Platform Stairway to Heaven

Platform Stairway to Heaven by Geeves Scaffolding
Platform Stairway to Heaven by Geeves Scaffolding

Platform Stairway to Heaven

Geeves Scaffolding constructed a 30 metre high scaffold around a church in Temuka Canterbury.

The St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Temuka is listed as a category 2 historic place by Heritage New Zealand. Constructed of Whitestone, taken from the banks of the Opihi River in 1879, the church spire required extensive masonry work.

Aluminium Platform Stairs

Safe access for contractors was provided by Geeves Scaffolding who used Layher Allround Scaffolding incorporating Aluminium Platform Stairs and a GEDA 500 Z/ZP personnel and materials hoist.

Paul Summerill, Manager, Geeves Scaffolding said, “Layher Allround Scaffolding was used from top to bottom. Every lift linked up as the scaffold ascended the spire, losing bays as it approached the top. To minimise the use of lapping planks and tube and clip, bays were switched from 1.57m to 0.73m on the top most lifts to suit.”

Hoist for personnel and materials

“Switching of the bay size allowed us to follow the shape of the spire while still providing access for a platform at each level for the GEDA hoist. Planning of the correct bay sizes was key for this project, which meant we did not need to use tube and clip” said Paul.

A total of fifteen 2.57m Layher Platform Stairway units, with matching handrails, were used all the way to the top. The GEDA 500 Z/ZP hoist was installed so contractors could dismantle the spire and lower 200kg blocks of Oamaru stone safely to the ground with no damage to block or contractors.

Efficient scaffolding

Paul added “Having the stair access and hoist made our job a lot quicker and easier to dismantle the spire. The scaffold was to a very high standard and was never more than 100mm away from the face of the spire. Even with the complex footprint of the church, the scaffold bay sizes worked well and meant the scaffold could be erected and dismantled with impressive efficiency.

To summerise Paul said “Good planning and a good knowledge of the capabilities of Layher’s Allround Scaffolding System were key to our success with this project. If we had another chance to do another church, Layher Scaffolding would be our first choice over traditional tube and clip.”

High performing scaffolders

The whole project took just 8 weeks and was a high profile job for the region and for Geeves Scaffolding. Health and safety, along with a strong work ethic were outstanding with all Geeves Scaffolding staff preforming to a high standard.

Thank you to Paul Summerill of Geeves Scaffolding for the use of these photos.

Canterbury church steeple covered with Layher Allround Scaffolding, Aluminium Platform Stairway and hoist