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Charteris Bay House

Charteris Bay House by Canterbury Scaffolding
Charteris Bay House by Canterbury Scaffolding

Charteris Bay House

This residential house in Charteris Bay on Canterbury’s Banks Peninsula initially had its’ challenges. The project, located in Te Wharau Lane, required external access scaffolding for the new build of the house and deck area.

Steep slope

Canterbury Scaffolding’s Manager Mike Attrill says “the client was concerned that more earth works may be required in order to allow scaffold to be constructed on the steep slope, costing more time and money.”

Advanced scaffolders

Utilising the Layher Allround Scaffolding System and the experience of one of the companies advanced scaffolders they managed to overcome this. Canterbury Scaffolding were very happy with the way the project went.

Good feedback

“We had a lot of good feedback from the main contractor Hillview Construction for our work on this hill site plus a few new clients that have made positive comments on the scaffolding” he said.

Thank you to Canterbury Scaffolding and Mike Attrill for the use of this photo.