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Old Twisted Hop Building

Old Twisted Hop Building by Upright Scaffolding

Old Twisted Hop Building

The Twisted Hop project in Christchurch’s central city initially had its challenges. Nick Pfahlert, Managing Director of Upright Scaffolding said “due to the almost unachievable deadlines, to suit customer timeframes, the scaffold needed to be erected quickly without any delays”.

Advanced scaffolder

Using Layher’s Allround Scaffolding System the gear was hiabed into optimal positions around the building. All the advanced scaffolder needed to do was focus on health and safety, safe work methods and team motivation as Layher‘s engineers had already created a design and gear list.

Layher design

“An independent engineer was also involved as the scaffold was eventually encapsulated for containment, the availability of a design made this process simple” he said.

Thanks to Upright Scaffolding for the use of this photo..