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It’s tough work…

Its tough work... by Camelspace
It’s tough work… by Camelspace

It’s tough work…

But someone has to do it. In this case it was Mick Spratling from Camelspace. Camelspace were awarded the contract to build this stage on the side of the volcanic mountain in Fiji which was required for the American reality TV show ‘Endurance’ – 20 teenagers confront challenges on a tropical island while trying to avoid being voted off… you know the sort of thing.

Equipment helicoptered in

Camelspace built a stage and various obstacles over a period of a week. The equipment was shipped from NZ and helicoptered in from the main Island of Viti Levu. And if you are feeling sympathy for Mick labouring under the tropical sun – worry not, the production company was good enough to provide a team of young enthusiastic local lads to do all the lifting.

Even so, we understand Mick required serious re-hydration evening at a nearby resort!

Thanks to Mick and Phil of Camelspace for the use of this photo.