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High Bridge Scaffolding

High Bridge by Brazier Scaffolding
High Bridge by Brazier Scaffolding

High Bridge

This impressive historic railway bridge in the South Island was in desperate need of maintenance. Brazier Scaffolding were contracted to provide a suspended access scaffold for blast and paint works. The scaffold also needed to be encapsulated in order to contain the lead paint from the surrounding environment.

Long suspended scaffolding

Brazier Scaffolding erected this 50m long suspended scaffold using Layher’s Allround modular Scaffolding system. This was one of three sections which Brazier simultaneously erected on the same bridge.

Logistical challenge

Glen Brazier commented, “over 150 tonne of Layher Allround was required for this project. The real challenge for us was logistical. The point of the build wasn’t very accessible which required some thinking outside of the square. The team did a great job and the project ran according to plan.“

Thanks to Glen Brazier of Brazier Scaffolding for the use of this photo.

Layher Scaffolding Excellence Awards 2019 trophy

Layher Scaffolding Excellence Awards 2019

Congratulations to Glen Brazier and the team at Brazier Scaffolding, for High Bridge – winners of the Layher Scaffolding Excellence Awards 2019 – Industrial, Infrastructure and Event Category.

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Cape Campbell Lighthouse

Cape Campbell Lighthouse required maintenance work and Scaffold Marlborough were asked to provide access for contractors. Located about 50 kilometres from Blenheim, the 116 year old lighthouse marks the southern approaches to Cook Strait. Built on a hill, 47 metres above sea level, the lighthouse takes a hammering from weather. Demanned in 1986, the automated lighthouse is fitted with a 24 volt flashing LED beacon. Continue reading