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Fast Signage Access Solution

Fast Signage Access Solution by Coles Scaffolding
Fast Signage Access Solution by Coles Scaffolding

Fast Signage Access Solution

Coles Scaffolding built a 14m by 8m Layher Allround Scaffold for Bill Board Solutions in Mount Wellington, Auckland.

Sign installation

The sign installation company, which often uses elevated working platforms, required a fast and cost effective scaffold solution due to difficulty accessing the location.

Julian said “Our crews enjoy these smaller projects as they are of a shorter duration and often in interesting locations – this provides a variation from the usual work at building sites. Layher Allround Scaffolding worked well because it was easy to carry to the point of build and super quick to erect”.

The contractor said, we are always happy at the speed in which Coles Scaffolding are able to turn the job around.

Thank you to Julian Coles of Coles Scaffolding for the use of this photo.


Cape Campbell Lighthouse

Cape Campbell Lighthouse required maintenance work and Scaffold Marlborough were asked to provide access for contractors. Located about 50 kilometres from Blenheim, the 116 year old lighthouse marks the southern approaches to Cook Strait. Built on a hill, 47 metres above sea level, the lighthouse takes a hammering from weather. Demanned in 1986, the automated lighthouse is fitted with a 24 volt flashing LED beacon. Continue reading