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Boat Gantry Scaffold

Boat Gantry Scaffold by Nayland Scaffold and Crane
Boat Gantry Scaffold and Bridge by Nayland Scaffold and Crane

Boat Gantry Scaffold

This Sealord’s Thomas Harrison fishing vessel required maintenance including a repaint of the gantry.

Anchored in a dock at the Port of Nelson, and unable level the structure due to the moving sea, the ‘human eye’ was used to marry the scaffold upto the angles of the boat.

Working platform

Nayland Scaffolding used Layher Allround to build various working platforms on all sides of the gantry, ranging up to 8 metres high. Jonny Benbow commented “another technically challenging aspect of this job was the cantilever section for which we used of 3.07m Layher Allround diagonal braces”.

Thanks to Jonny Benbow of Nayland Scaffold and Crane for use of this photo.


Cape Campbell Lighthouse

Cape Campbell Lighthouse required maintenance work and Scaffold Marlborough were asked to provide access for contractors. Located about 50 kilometres from Blenheim, the 116 year old lighthouse marks the southern approaches to Cook Strait. Built on a hill, 47 metres above sea level, the lighthouse takes a hammering from weather. Demanned in 1986, the automated lighthouse is fitted with a 24 volt flashing LED beacon. Continue reading