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Tool tethers and accessories for fall protection

  • D-ring Attachments

    D-ring Attachments

  • Quick Wrap Tape

    Quick-Wrap Tape

  • Quick Rings

    Quick Rings

  • Radio Mobile Phone Holster

    Radio Mobile Phone Holster

  • Hook2Ring Tether

    Hook2Ring Tether

  • Small parts pouches

    Small parts pouches

  • Safe Buckets

    Safe Buckets

  • Battery holster/sleeve

    Battery holster/sleeve

  • Tool tethers and accessories for fall protection

    Layher offers a range of tool tethers, rings, bungees, pouches, buckets and holsters from 3M. Like all 3M products the fall protection for tools and accessories are designed with the craft in mind, and are third-party tested in the harshest possible conditions.

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    • D-ring Attachments
    • Quick-Wrap Tape
    • Quick Rings
    • Pullaway Wristband
    • Hook2Loop Bungee
    • Small parts pouches
    • Safe Buckets
    • Battery holster/sleeve

  • D-ring Attachment
    D-Ring Attachment 25 x 89 mm
  • D-ring Attachments

    These D-Rings are used with Quick Wrap Tape to create instant attachment points on tools.

    The D-Ring Attachment can be used to create an attachment point on virtually any tool under 2.3 kg.

    D-ring Attachment
    • Creates instant attachment points
    • D-Ring attachment point are available in 13mm or 25mm sizes
    • 0.9kg to 2.3kg capacity

  • Quick Wrap Tape
  • Quick-Wrap Tape II

    Quick-Wrap Tape II helps deliver long-lasting tool attachment performance while requiring up to 40% less tape compared to 3M’s previous generation Quick-Wrap Tape.

    Proprietary 3M material and adhesive technology helps provide good tear resistance while you work. High-elongation properties result in more wraps with the same length of tape.

    Conforms to the shape of tool handles, adheres on contact to most clean tools and can be repositioned during installation. Enhanced stretching results in a thin, low-profile installation. Ready for use upon installation—no waiting period required.

    Quick-Wrap Tape II
    • Creates instant tethering points
    • Deliver long-lasting tool attachment performance
    • Resists tears better
    • Stretches further
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Stays out of the way
    • Reduces tool downtime

  • Quick Rings
  • Quick Rings

    Quick Rings are an economical solution for making tools tether-ready quickly.

    Ring Pliers can be used for easier and faster Quick Ring installation. Available in a variety of sizes.

    Quick rings
    • Easily attaches to a pre-drilled hole
    • Ring pliers can be used to facilitate use

  • Radio mobile phone holster
  • Radio Mobile Phone Holster

    The 3M DBI-SALA Adjustable Radio Mobile Phone Holster is specially designed to adjust perfectly to the size of virtually any portable radio, as well as other small devices such as mobile phones and cameras. A unique mounting system allows the holster to attach easily to harnesses and tool belts.

    Easily tether off tools using the sewn on D-ring.

    • Adjusts to the size of virtually any portable radio or mobile phone
    • D-Ring connection point
    • Can be used from a belt or harness

  • Hook2Ring Tether
  • Hook2Ring Tether

    Scaffold hammer lanyard and coil tether have a combine capacity of 0.9kg.

    Designed to be used with hammers and the 3M DBI-SALA Hammer Holster, the Hook2Quick Ring Coil with Tail is the ideal tether for hammers. Vinyl-coated braided steel makes the tether durable, easy to clean, and work well around heat.

    Scaffolding hammer safely secured to 3M Hook2Ring Tether
    Scaffolding hammer safely secured to 3M Hook2Ring Tether
    • Vinyl-coated braided-steel coil
    • Self-locking aluminium carabiner
    • 0.9kg capacity

  • Small parts pouches
  • Small parts pouches

    Designed with drop prevention in mind, our patented Small Parts Pouch guards against accidental drops the moment something is put inside.

    With an innovative self-closure system that traps objects inside, the Small Parts Pouch makes it nearly impossible for objects to fall out once placed in the bag, while making it easy for retrieval by the user since no opening or closing is necessary.

    Smart parts pouches
    • Can be used from a belt or harness
    • Innovative self-closure system
    • Easy to decontaminate and clean

  • Safe Buckets
  • Safe Buckets

    Every Safe Bucket is manufactured with either a hook and loop or drawstring closure system which helps prevent accidental drops.

    Safe bucket
    • Heavy-duty 24oz cotton duck canvas
    • Innovative hook and loop closure system
    • Karabiner and Hoisting Strap
    • Six built in connection points with 45.4kg load rating each
    • Puncture resistant plating sewn into the base of the bucket

  • Battery holster/sleeve
  • Battery holster/sleeve

    The Battery Sleeve by 3M allows cordless drills and similar battery operated devices to be safely tethered when used at height.

    A neoprene sleeve with an adjustable strap conforms to the shape and size of virtually any drill battery, which can then be secured using the included cinch.

    Battery holster/sleeve
    • Battery holster provides attachment point for tool lanyard
    • Sleeve is simply cinched to the drill
    • 4.5 kg capacity

  • Certified and Tested

    3M DBI-SALA® verifies fall protection for tools product performance through testing in an ISO 17025 accredited fall protection testing laboratory. The facility can simulate heat, cold, moisture, corrosion and abrasion – the challenges you face every day.

    As a part of 3M DBI-SALA® product development and quality assurance processes, static or dynamic load tests are conducted to determine the safe working limits based on the solution’s intended use.

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