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Rope hoists and lifts

  • Scaffold rope hoists and lifts
    Scaffold rope hoists and lifts
  • Rope hoists and lifts

    Specifically designed for the wide-ranging use of scaffolders, roofers, carpenters, decorators, etc. GEDA offers a wide range of unguided and guided rope hoists.

    Different designs, load capacities and hoisting speeds as well as specifically developed load carrying devices make these compact lifts reliable and versatile tools on the building site.

    Be it for bulky scaffolding elements, loaded wheelbarrows, buckets or other building materials, GEDA rope hoists have been a well-established name in the building trade for decades and ensure energy-saving and efficient material transportation at the touch of a button.


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  • GEDA Fixlift, Solarlift and Slopelift

  • GEDA Battery Ladder Lift
    GEDA Battery Ladder Lift
  • GEDA Battery Ladder Lift

    Compact and portable the Battery Ladder Lift removes the inconvenience of finding electrical power outlet. Quick to erect and capable of lifting loads up to 120kg, to a height of 10m, at a speed of 15m/min.

    Battery Ladder Lift

  • GEDA Star 250 Comfort
    GEDA Star 250 Comfort
  • GEDA Star 250 Comfort

    You can install the lightweight swivel arm hoist to any part of the building, like to a scaffold, to window openings or on the roof. This hoist can be used quickly and easily even under difficult circumstances.

    Star 250 Comfort

  • GEDA Maxi 150 S
    GEDA Maxi 150 S
  • GEDA Maxi 150 S

    Two lifting speeds, overload protection, a slack rope switch and a variety of different fixing attachments make this our most popular rope hoist. The ideal tool for safely transporting scaffold components and building materials.

    Maxi 150 S

  • GEDA Solarlift
    GEDA Solarlift
  • GEDA Solarlift

    The GEDA Solarlift, which offers good value for money, has been designed for the easy, fast and above all, the safe transport of photovoltaic and solar elements. This can be realised because of its specially designed loading platform.


  • GEDA Slopelift
    GEDA Slopelift
  • GEDA Slopelift

    People living in houses built on slopes face the daily problem of transporting different kinds of loads to their houses. The GEDA Slopelift is the solution.


  • GEDA Rope hoists comparison table

    Comparison table
    Battery Ladder Lift Star 250 Comfort Maxi 150 S Solarlift Slopelift
    Cargo Material Material Material Material Material
    Capacity (up to) 120 kg 250 kg 150 kg 250 kg 250 kg
    Lifting height 10 m 50 m 76 m 19 m 80 m
    Lifting speed 15 m/min 28 m/min 15 m/min
    or 45 m/min
    19 m/min
    or 28 m/min
    30 m/min
    Power supply Li-Ion Battery / 24 V / 10 Ah 1 kW / 230 V / 50 Hz / 16 A 0.45 kW / 1.35 kW / 230 V / 50 Hz / 16 A 0.6 kW / 1.2 kW / 230 V / 50 Hz / 16 A 1.3 kW / 230 V / 50 Hz / 16 A

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