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Waterview Connection Tunnel
The Waterview Connection in Auckland is one of the largest and most important civil engineering projects New Zealand has ever seen. North Shore Scaffolding (NSS) has been involved with two elements essential for completion of the 2.4km tunnel section. First was design and implementation of an innovative mobile Keder roof that allowed the cutter head of ‘Alice’ (the tunnel boring machine) to be assembled under shelter.

NSS was then asked to supply 24/7 labour for scaffold requirements during the four months it took to get Alice operational. Managing Director Clifton Webb explains: “We had upwards of 45 men on site on any given working day. Our health and safety systems, labour and gear stock management expertise ensured the project always had the men and materials required.”

Layher components used included 50m x 20m Keder roof, 10m x 12m rolling Keder roof, public stair access and Layher Allround scaffolding.

Thanks to Clifton Webb of North Shore Scaffolding for use of these photos.

North Shore Scaffolding website:

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Temporary roofing and Keder sheet roof system together with Layher Allround scaffolding

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