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Upright Power Towers
Upright Scaffolding was contracted to provide scaffold access to four power poles, each being over 20m tall. Nick Pfahlert, Managing Director of Upright Scaffolding said “the most challenging aspects of this scaffold build were designing for wind and uneven ground conditions.

With the support of both Layherís engineers and our local engineer we found a way to brace and tie the scaffold ensuring it was stable even with the top section of the scaffold clad. We had tight deadlines for job completion as our customer had to keep the power lines live and landowners happy. Thanks to Layherís Lightweight Allround scaffold system and precise fitting accuracy our scaffolding team completed the erection and dismantle within a very short period of time. The scaffold towers could be seen for miles away which generated a lot of local interest.”

Thanks to Nick Pfahlert for the use of these photos.

More photos on the Upright Scaffolding website:

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