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Triumphal Arch Scaffold
Upright Scaffolding was recently commissioned by Downer to scaffold the quake damaged Triumphal Arch and Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch’s most iconic war memorial.

This Layher Allround scaffold was initially required for inspection of the Arch. Subsequent repairs will involve inserting steel reinforcement and improving the foundations which will allow the structure to rock in a controlled way in any future earthquakes. Stonework will also be repaired and reinstated.

This job was tricky as the Triumphal Arch is a heritage site and the scaffold needed to be freestanding due to the risk of future earthquakes and damage to the stonework. Nick Pfahlert commented that the job was also complicated as the Arch tapers. “Layher’s design support definitely helped. Our team has also done a great job so far with an exemplary health and safety record, which is absolutely paramount. The job was erected on time and to budget, the client is very happy!”.

Thanks to Nick, Chris and Warwick Pfahlert for use of this photo.

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