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Te Mihi Geothermal Development
Euro Scaffolds began scaffolding work at the Contact Energy, Te Mihi Power Station Project in November 2010. Since then Euro has undertaken all scaffolding works on the pump stations, re-injection lines, steam field, main turbine buildings, cooling towers, switchyard, and a host of other structures.

Euro has worked approximately 110,000 man hours on the Project, erected and dismantled in excess of 5000 scaffolds, shore loaded two turbine platforms supporting over 450 tonnes of wet concrete with 4km of standards and 4000 ledgers in each. At peak times Euro had over 350 scaffold tags to monitor every week, employed 38 staff and achieved an excellent record in health and safety.

Hugh Laity, a director of Euro advised from the outset that the client use Layher Allround scaffold and now comments “the benefits of the client’s decision to use Layher have more than been recouped in efficiency and safety”. The Project is now in its final stages of commissioning and as of 27 October 2013 started sending power to the grid.

Thanks to Hugh, Matt and Jono Laity for the use of these photos.

Euro Scaffolds website:

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