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St. Patricks Church in Macandrew Road, Dunedin is undergoing a complete re-strengthening and internal fit-out. Bramwell Scaffolding were given the task to protect the building from the elements in order for the project to run smoothly.

With the assistance of Layherís engineering team a Keder Roof spanning 17 metres was designed to sit on top of a 12 metre high Layher Allround Scaffolding System. “We needed extra components for the build and Layher were able to provide these to meet our deadline” says Bramwell Scaffolding Manager, Graeme Evans.

“The roof needed to be secured down to prevent uplift at each truss. This was achieved by using 2.5 tonne tie downs fixed into the foundation of the building.”

Thanks Graeme Evans of Bramwell Scaffolding for the use of this photo.

Bramwell Scaffolding website:

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