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Port Waratah Coal Services Terminal
A coal loader at the Port Waratah Coal Services Terminal recently underwent an outage for painting and repairs. Layher ALLROUND scaffolding was used for the top boom cantilever, underside catch platform as well as this independently hung scaffold which allowed the chute for the loader to be removed and lowered to a barge below. The scaffolding, which was installed by Diversified Mining Services with the support of Allround Group (formerly PC Scaffolding and Rigging), was partly prefabricated on the ground and craned into position saving the outage valuable lost time. Richard Mackay Operations Manager for Diversified Mining Services said “The innovative design of the Layher system was a huge success. I am glad that we decided to use it and we will be definitely going that way again.”

Thank you to Allround Group (formerly PC Scaffolding and Rigging) and Diversified Mining Services for use of these photos.

DMS Group website:

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