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Offshore Gas Production Platform
Fitzroy Engineering were engaged by Worley Parsons as the main scaffolding, mechanical, blasting and painting contractor for this project. This unmanned gas production platform located offshore from Taranaki, New Zealand required refurbishment. A special stairway was needed to provide access from the ENSCO 107 Jack Up Rig to the Shell Todd Oil Services Pohokura platform.

Steve Walton, Project Engineer of Worley Parson said “We worked as a team with Fitzroy and Layher to develop a 3D model and a plan of the scaffolding design to understand exactly how the scaffold would fit and would be installed, the outcome was an extremely well integrated design that was able to solve a challenging engineering puzzle”. Tony Leatherby, Fitzroy Engineering Scaffolding Construction Lead for the project.

“The challenge in this offshore environment is the exposure of working over water on a live gas plant, the Layher Allround System provided an ideal solution for us to get in and do the job safely and ahead of schedule” 30 tonnes of Layher componentry was used, selected due itsí ease and speed of erection in order to gain access. The ability to provide clean lines for installing a containment system to prevent environmental issues in the sea from the blast and painting was crucial in this project.

Thanks to Fitzroy Engineering for the use of these photos.

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