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New Allround Bridging System
This recently completed project at a gas plant in Germany required scaffolding 50 metres in the air. Two supporting bridge structures of 21 and 16.5 metres were constructed by a six man crew in half a day using the Layher ALLROUND bridging system. The bridges were then used to support ALLROUND working platforms so that work could be completed on the diagonal gas down spout.

The Layher Allround Bridging System
  • Extremely high load-bearing capacity
  • Fully compatible with Allround equipment
  • Support for scaffolding, podiums and roofs
  • Large free spanning public access bridges
  • Cladding using Layher Protect and Keder Systems
  • Cantilever and continuous beams possible
  • Can be pre-assembled on the ground for craning

Thanks to Layher Germany for use of these photos.

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