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The National War Memorial Park Underpass, the Arras Tunnel, involved the in situ pouring of a concrete roof spanning 14.5m. The benefit of pouring the roof slab, rather than using pre-formed slabs, is that the strength of the underpass tunnel was increased to withstand a high magnitude, 1-in-2500 year earthquake.

“At the completion of the tunnel roof pour, each 40 metre section weighed approximately 1,200 tonne and was propped using the Layher Allround System. The entire job required over 10,000 cubic metres of falsework and the 130m long tunnel was completed in eight weeks” said Wellington Scaffolding Services Director, Chris Warren.

An uncompromising attitude toward safety and excellence was essential given that, at the peak of construction, up to 220 people were working above and below the surface of a site that was only the size of three rugby fields. “There was some excellent feedback from the Memorial Park Alliance staff and contractors alike” Chris said.

Thanks to Wellington Scaffolding Services for the use of these photos.

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