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Bay Scaffolding Limited were engaged by GEMCO Trades to scaffold the main building at Napier Girls High School for re-painting purposes. This was a roll over project with 1780 square metres of scaffolding being erected in three stages.

Each section took 3 men 2.5 days to erect. Bay Scaffolding Ltd’s Director Rob Marffy said “The challenges we faced on site were narrow paths, a 600mm soffit and a roof pitch that was greater than 25 degrees. Along with plenty of corners on the building, fire escapes and a chimney, the entrance had to remain clear at all times”.

The Layher SpeedyScaf System was used with a single cantilever decked out to the roof edge. Layher 450mm trusses were used on the entrance with the Allround components used to get over the fire escape areas. The project ran smoothly with Rob saying “the client was pleased with the speed and minimal time lost between stages and the easy access to the working surfaces”. Thanks to Bay Scaffolding for the use of this photo.

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