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Layher Rolls on Water
South Pacific Scaffolding built this mobile scaffold spanning a 17m wide Mt Roskill, Auckland pool. The Layher Allround modular scaffold system and aluminium beams (750 and 450) were used for their lightweight properties, strength and ease of erection.

The contractor required the scaffold to replace the ceiling joist hangers over a two week period. The mobile scaffold, which was a total of 19m wide by 5m long, was shifted six times during the project. Mark Radcliffe commented “we trialled this mobile out as the original quote was for a rebuild of the scaffold a total of six times. The result was a huge saving for the contractor. The look of amazement from them was memorable when 4 scaffolders moved it in less than a minute with the aid of a 2.5m Layher Allround ledger”.

Thanks to Mark Radcliffe of South Pacific Scaffolding for the use of these photos.

South Pacific Scaffolding website:

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