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Fitzroy Engineering was contracted to scaffold two large distillation columns standing 55m and 37m respectively.

80 tonne of equipment was used on this project. The Layher Allround Lightweight modular scaffold technology was the system chosen due to its fitting accuracy and speed of erection to gain access.

The challenge was scaffolding the columns whilst the plant was live. The design needed to be free standing and to withstand significant wind loads.

“The Layher Allround System gave us very clean lines for installation of containment sheeting, and provided an ideal safe working platform for this type of project” said Bruce Sinton, Fitzroy project lead.

“The Layher aluminium platform stairs were also an excellent addition for allowing the maintenance team to safely move up and down the columns” he said.

Thanks to Bruce Sinton, Project Lead, Fitzroy Engineering for the use of these photos.

Fitzoy Engineering website:

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