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Finland Cassette Roof
For the redevelopment of this water tower in Finland, the roofing contractor ordered a 1,000 square metre temporary roof with a span of up to 33 metres for weather protection. The optimal solution for wide spans is the Layher cassette roof.

The roof cassettes, which represent a rain-proof roof cladding, consist of a solid steel frame and profiled sheeting. A 1,100 sq metre Allround Scaffold supporting structure was installed on the platform of the water tower.

The roof was constructed by: pre-assembly of the roof trusses - braced roof bays - on the ground and subsequent lifting onto the supporting structure by crane. Afterwards, the roof cassettes of the intermediate bays were simply inserted into the U-profile of the roof beams and clinched with clamping plates and wedges.

Four people erected the entire structure in three weeks and thus effectively prevented possible interruptions of construction due to adverse weather conditions, so the landmark could resume operation as fast as possible.

Thank you to Layher Germany for the use of these photos.

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