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Far North Scaffolding built a Layher Keder Roof in the picturesque Bay of Islands for the reconstruction and extension of an existing building. Joseph McGilp designed the structure with a 22m unsupported span, 30m long and 10m high. Layher SpeedyScaf and Layher Aluminium Beams were also used in the supporting scaffold.

Extreme wind loadings and no drilling or anchoring to the existing structure were amongst the challenges to this build during winter months. The Keder Roof was installed by two men without the use of cranes.

The clientís engineer required the Keder Roof loadings which was provided by Layherís Engineer as well as preferred bracing bays. The client was pleased with the outcome which provided a dry environment for construction and proved value for money.

Thank you to Peter McGilp of Far North Scaffolding of the use of these photos.

Far North Scaffolding website:

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