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Esplanade Road Restoration
Geeves Scaffolding were contracted to erect scaffold on an iconic Petone building for much needed restoration work. A combination of Layher Allround Scaffolding and Speedy Scaf was the ideal choice for this restoration job which included painting, re-glazing and the removal of feature beams.

The scaffold was built progressively as the exterior beams were removed and it was built as a double width structure encompassing a 0.73m wide Speedy scaffold as the outer section and Allround with a width of 1.09m attached to the speedy frames with clampable rosettes to form the internal part of the scaffolding.

“When our client wanted this job erected we had a large stock of Layher Speedy Scaf gear in our yard and using the above set up allowed us to build the job quickly and use the gear we had available most effectively to the client’s requirements.” says Tim Geeves.

Thank you to Tim Geeves from Geeves Scaffolding for the use of these photos.

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