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Nayland Scaffold Limited of Nelson were engaged by Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd to build a scaffold for the construction of the new de-cant pipes into the Mangatini sump at Stockton Mine, Westport.

The Layher Allround Scaffolding System and aluminium platform stairs were used for the project which required the gear to be lowered into the pit and then built up.

“Three men over two days worked on the project which required a great deal of gear,” commented Jonny Benbow of Nayland Scaffold.

“On site difficulties such as deteriorating weather conditions, which can happen very quickly, were overcome by the speed and ease of the Layher stair access into and out of the pit” he said.

Thanks to Jonny Benbow of Nayland Scaffold and Crane for the use of these photos.

Nayland Scaffold and Crane website:

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