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Defqon-1 Dragon
The Defqon.1 September 2012 Music Festival lit up the Sydney International Regatta Centre for the fourth year running. As the gates opened, cheers erupted from the thousands who'd been waiting patiently in anticipation to see what the tightly held secret Main Stage would be. They were greeted by the Clifton Productions built RED stage - a six story high, flame throwing Dragon which was constructed from Layher ALLROUND.

The 55m wide Dragon featured a stage constructed from Layher EV decks, two 25m high "wings" from which pyrotechnics were launched, and the Dragon's head constructed as a free standing spur. Additionally Clifton Productions constructed 6 other stages including the BLUE pirate themed stage and an ORANGE all-seeing eye stage which were decorated using car parts and industrial materials.

Thanks to Jeremy Fleming of Clifton Productions for use of these photos.

Clifton Productions website:

Defcon 1 Dragon1
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