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Customhouse Quay Wellington
7000sqm of Layher scaffolding was used on McKee Fehlís Customhouse Quay project in the Wellington City Centre.

Significant engineering expertise was applied for a range of project features. This included heavy duty loading bays, a GEDA personnel hoist, and a full shrink-wrap encapsulation on the top of the building.

Two elevations were erected from custom-made brackets and I-beams, to ensure the car park and entrance could remain open during works.

“The project has a mixture of Layher SpeedyScaf and Layher Allround Systems which allows for ease of compatibility, faster installation and fewer components” said WorkZone Scaffolds Operations Manager Kurt Simpson.

“We use Layher Scaffolding for its speed, safety and quality assurance. We also incorporate Layherís Layplan design programme to enable better planning and efficiency for projects of this size.” said Kurt.

Thanks to WorkZone Scaffolds for the use of these photos.

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