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Christchurch Airport Project Roof
Geeves Scaffolding built a Keder XL roof for Leighs Construction at Chistchurch Airport. The roof had to span 22m and sat on top of an existing roof on three sides. The worksite was above the check-in area in the airport and so weathertightness was critical. There were also issues around snow loading, wind uplift and the capacity of the existing roofs to take the load.

The client was very happy with the end result, particularly the ability to pull back the keder roof sheets to load in steel and roofing iron. Thanks to Layher and Don Thomson engineers for their input into the project.

Thanks to Andy Robertshawe and Tim Geeves for the use of these photos.

Geeves Scaffolding website:

Christchurch Airport Roof1
Christchurch Airport Roof2
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